Club Medusa 2 – The Dog Ate my Sequel

Club Medusa 2 – The Dog Ate my Sequel

Ahem, the dog ate my sequel.

Have you ever met him? Of course he would.

However, if you’re not falling for that one and are wondering where the sequel to Club Med has really gone, here’s an update.

Firstly, the good news is that book 2 has been written. It is a fact that a full manuscript now exists which picks up the story from where the first book ends then goes into what happens next, dealing with the most frequently asked question I hear from readers.

How much can I safely tell you? Well, in Part 2 (not quite ready to reveal the title yet), we follow up directly from the situation at the end of the first book, introduce new characters and deal with the consequences of the Edinburgh Club Night. What really happened to Paul at the end of the night and where is he now? Who exactly were those people from the Club and what can their true agenda be? Could it be that this intimate little horror story blows up into something much bigger and unexpected? Well, I can’t say too much right now as I don’t want to do spoilers, but put it this way, a lot goes on in part 2.

I would also say that, having finished this current draft I am very, very happy with it. I know it’s a worthy successor to Club Med and despite it being a different kind of book, it has a lot of things in common with the first. There’s a lot more action for one, more unexpected turns, way more air miles including locations in Edinburgh, Berlin, Dublin and London and lots more hurting characters until they squeal. Is it a spoiler to say there’s going to be a third book too? Well, there is. There are also plans for a book of short stories about aspects of some character’s lives inspired by a scene in book 2. Not exactly backstories but, well, you’ll see.

So, story-wise, all is good. What is not so good is that it took so long to do. And also, right at this moment, the draft as it stands is ridiculously long. I mean, longer than Frank Herbert’s Dune long, which although maybe not unreadable. An editor friend of mine did say, ‘Anyone reading something that size would have to be committed.’ I think she meant in a ‘dedicated’ way rather than the involuntary being sectioned and taken away screaming sort of way. So, in short, it does need a damn good editing – which I’m on.

Still don’t believe the dog story? Well, yes, it has definitely taken longer to write than I ever expected or wanted. Having said that, anyone who knows me will know I’ve had a lot going on the last couple of years. Not all of it good, which hasn’t helped the writing mindset thing. I could write another book about what was stopping me from writing the actual book, but no one would believe it. However, lockdowns, ex-East German Secret Police Bases, lawyers, home schooling and German bureaucracy aside, things are now back on track for 2022.

In other unexpected and possibly exciting news, I also have another book written which will be out sometime this year. It’s a story I was well into working on before I switched lanes to write the Club Med sequel. There’s no definite title yet but it’s a very different kind of story. A story on a smaller scale, this has more of a young adult feel to it and was inspired by an odd tree in one of our local woods, a real-life local mystery, pitchfork wielding angry villagers and shape shifting birds. Because there aren’t enough shapeshifting birds in books these days. In any case it’s safe to say it has some strange moments, twists aplenty and a few slow burn scares for good measure. That’s on the editing pile too.

So, without further ado I’m off to sharpen my editing katana and prepare to wear the ‘wtf was I thinking?’ face.


The TV Tower from Orianenburger Strasse, Berlin. Book two starts here…
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