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Club Medusa

After a tragic end to their military careers, Gerry and Paul have rebuilt their lives as civilians. Two years later, it now seems the spectres of their past are finally beginning to fade.

However, when Gerry has a crisis, a simple plan is agreed: meet up in Edinburgh’s Old Town, visit some old haunts, drink beer, talk things through – then go home. What could possibly go wrong?

More than anyone could imagine…

Drawn into a brawl outside a night club, both men soon find themselves running for their lives through twisting closes in the oldest and most unpredictable part of town.

A chance meeting in a side street leads to an offer of refuge as guests in a club under an old tenement building – but this party isn’t what it seems. They don’t let just anyone in, nothing is really ‘on the house’, and before long these two ex-soldiers realise all the horrors of war are nothing compared to what lies ahead for them in Club Medusa…

Joey by David

Most children have imaginary friends at one time or another – people, cartoon characters, animals, even favourite toys come to life, it’s all normal behaviour.

But when do friends stop being imaginary? Is it when they suddenly start doing magic tricks in the real world? When they start showing the child how to control the world around them? When they begin to terrify parents for fun?

Surely that’s more than just imaginary?

Joey has been David’s imaginary friend since before he can remember. Joey might look, move and even smell weird – but only David can see him and only David can hear him.

This puts David in a place between the real world – and somewhere else entirely.

Somewhere that’s truly terrifying…

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