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Club Medusa – Launch Day

Club Medusa – Launch Day

Two old friends dealing with ghosts from the past

Some quiet drinks in Edinburgh’s Old Town

Unexpected trouble

A frantic escape

An offer of sanctuary – which could be the death of them.

Whats the worst night out you’ve ever had..?

So – initial draft written around 1999 – rejected by everyone – accepted and then scammed by one agent – interrupted by kids being born – interrupted again by house moves and careers – dusted off for reappraisal – rewritten – stalled by international family crisis – stalled by world pandemic – polished up – stalled again by the dipshit author having to learn iMovie and marketing skills – finally published May 28th 2020. It’s been a ride.

And it’s so good to finally get this link on the page –
Aaaaaaand – relax! Not…
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