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Joey by David – Free Download This Weekend

Joey by David – Free Download This Weekend

What? This is a blog dammit – don’t try spamming your stuff on here!

Mind you, I wrote it – so why not?

Yes, there’s an Amazon deal on this weekend (4th/5th July 2020) where you can download my short, Joey by David, for free – go on, you know you want to…

See? Thats better. If you’ve been suffering from sound sleeping and not thinking about what might be under the bed – this is the very story to sort that out.

Revisiting something I’ve already published is a new thing for me, but I recently republished this so I could add a little bit of Club Medusa as a bonus. Of course I ended up reading through it all again – and was pleasantly surprised at not feeling the urge to facepalm.

If anything it actually got me thinking about a sequel – something I had never considered before until a friend read it and said she would really like to find out what happens years down the line. Well, that might happen one day…

Meanwhile, I’m still working on a blog post highlighting all the learnings, good and bad from the launch of Club Med – and still working on the sequel to that one, which is is going to be a longer and more involved book. No spoilers, but Part 2 is set immediately after the events at the Club – and it’s great fun to write. As you might expect, people get hurt in it.

So – with a very busy old schedule ahead this here Saturday morning, I’m off to walk dogs and have a think about the best way to dispose of the bodies after the next scene. No wonder folk avoid me when I’m out and about in the village…

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