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Start here…

Blogs are something I’ve often thought would be a good idea, but when those thoughts appear I’m usually lying awake at 3am, driving, working through a list of demands from the family or doing something so tedious or unpleasant that blogging would seem like a much nicer option. So, resolution one is to make the time to do it.

The other problem is what to blog about? I’m not stuck for choice as I’m pretty busy – I do writing, play music, look after a family plus dog, consume horror, scifi and strange media at an alarming rate and who knows what else? Yep, pretty busy- so whatever might come into my head when I find the time is whats going to appear here.

So if you’re reading this you can joyously look forward to anything at all – the more bizarre something is in my life the more likely it is I’ll want to write about it. Maybe the stuff that’s just too weird won’t make it into the books and will end up here. Yes, maybe this blog will be a repository for all that stuff.

That’s how it seems today anyway, as I woke up this morning wondering whether the hotel staff on our recent Amsterdam holiday ever notice that their ground floor carpet is randomly covered in skull designs.

Or maybe I was just being overly pareidoliac-ish. If thats even a word.

Anyway, have a look yourself and see what you think..

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